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    Digital Marketing Services

    OC Brand Media is a group of data analysts, designers and engineers banded together with a common goal – to help your business thrive

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    OC Brand Media takes a strategic approach to your online marketing by offering our core practices and supporting services to drive growth.

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    Social Media Advertising

    Social media is not just about likes, shares and follows - it's a maturing paid advertising channel that offers real opportunity to drive sales. We employ a performance-driven methodology to test, optimize and accelerate growth with social media advertising.


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    Email Marketing

    Email marketing is an easy way to increase the ROI of your digital marketing strategies. But most companies fail to fully leverage all that email has to offer - it goes way beyond a few newsletter blasts. We can help you use smarter email marketing to extend the buying cycle and grow the lifetime value of your customers.
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    Pay Per Click Advertising

    We’re more than a digital marketing service agency with a small background in PPC. We’ve managed millions of dollars of AdWords campaigns successfully. That’s because we’ve built a proven and ROI-driven approach to PPC advertising that prioritizes visibility, control and scale.
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    PR Outreach

    Our digital PR services and campaigns are focused on not only driving brand awareness, but also traffic and revenue. We are so confident in our digital PR strategy and connections that we guarantee placements for our clients.

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    Influencer Marketing

    Gain the attention and trust of a new audience quickly and easily. Your customers all have someone they respect, look up to, and idolize. With our database of over 10,000 influencer connections, we’re guaranteed to know some of them. Get these heavyweight social influencers fighting in your ring without selling your soul or giving up creative control. Plus, unlike an ad in a magazine, you can see exactly how many people saw it, liked it, and double-tapped it.

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    Web Design

    Your website is more than a fancy hood ornament or business brochure. It needs to automate and scale your lead generation. That's why actually create websites with the sales process in mind. We don't just build pretty websites - we create digital brands that convert clicks into customers.

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